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The Addiction Treatment Network provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking an appropriate inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment center facility for alcohol, drug & other addictions.  We provide a place where addiction treatment centers and professionals can come together with those seeking help for themselves or a loved one in order to find the best treatment options.  The Addiction Treatment Network is a comprehensive addictions treatment locator offering services to those who seek resources, information and aid in finding effective recovery solutions. We believe individualized evidence-based programs which address a person's current life circumstances and particular underlying issues are the key to sustainable, long-term recovery.


Causes of Addiction

It has been suggested that addiction is a medical condition like diabetes.  However, many find the medical view in opposition to a psychological and spiritual view of addiction

Addiction & Mood Disorders

There is a strong correlation between addicts, alcoholics and mood disorders. Some of the more common forms of mood disorders and the terms used to describe them are described

Eating Disorders & Addiction

Addictions and eating disorders are often co-occurring. Sometimes food is the thing one may feel most control over during periods of anxiousness and vulnerability

Relapse & Addiction Treatment

While relapse may be common amongst addicts, it may also make it seem as though the cycle of drug abuse is inevitable and unending

Individual Outpatient Treatment

Treatment facility professionals will usually discuss with patients and their families, the need for outpatient treatment

Sober Living Facilities

Understand how aftercare programs, sober & transitional living programs may be of benefit in helping people

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